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“Before we hired Baltimore marketing agency Sheets and Associates we had no online presence. Now we get calls from prospects that are up to 2 ½ hours from us! They say they found us online and no matter what they put in Google as far as a propane company our website comes up, so they figure we are nationwide. I would definitely recommend your company to others.”

—Tim Jackson, Affordable Propane PA

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Mobile Marketing

Over 50% of searches for local businesses are done from a mobile device. Are you found in local searches and is your website optimized for viewing on a mobile device?

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Market With Video

Video engages your visitors like nothing else. It also gets you found on search results with a picture!

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Marketing Strategies

Our trained marketing specialists work to closely understand your business and your target audience, to generate quality traffic and qualified leads into your business CONSISTENTLY.

Website Design

Most web designers build the equivalent of an online brochure.  Our SEO and marketing specialists build them from the ground up, to Show Up, and to turn ‘browsers’ into ‘buyers.’

Multi-Media Production

Video and streaming media improve your presence and conversions online, whether on your website or on social media. Drive leads to your business with cost-effective targeted media.

Reputation Marketing

We establish, promote and maintain your credible presence and 5-Star reputation across the myriad of social media, review sites, and online business directories.
Local Search Ranking Dominance Baltimore Maryland

No One’s Typing in ‘Your Business Name’

To be found in local, or regional, or even broader online searches, your site must be properly optimized for search engines to find it the best answer to an online query.

And still, only 25% of the reason your site will show up on Page One is what is contained within your site. The rest of the factors are outside factors pointing to your site and giving it high rankings in search engines.

The first organic search listing gets this % of the clicks
Businesses that have a current SEO Plan

Q. Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?

A. On the second page of Google   🙂

Mobile Responsive Websites

Today’s searches for local businesses are taking place more often than not on mobile devices. Is your website mobile optimized? If not, chances are prospects are dismissing it and moving to the next search result.

Local Searches That Are From Mobile Devices
Searchers That Will Choose Another Search Result If Site Is Not Mobile Friendly
Mobile Searches That Lead To Action Within 1 Hour
Business Websites That Are Mobile Optimized

Sources: The Retail Bulletin, Google, IAB

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