Requiem for a Review

It could happen to You! You’ve poured your heart and soul into building it for years, but at any moment, it could be gone. Your reputation. Online. It’s dead. Could this happen? Yes. Does this happen? Oh yes. Entrepreneurs Complain That Years of Good Reviews Are Being...

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Squeeze All The ‘Marketing Juice’ From Your Actions

Are you wasting money by not getting the biggest bang from your marketing time and money? In talking to a retainer client in another part of the country recently, we happened to casually be informed about his offline marketing plans which included becoming a member of...

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Are You Missing The Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

Marketing with Testimonies   Recently I was being interviewed by a West Coast reporter* and her questions were about the marketing power of reviews and testimonies. What follows is a synopsis of why you should be managing and marketing with reviews.   Matt Cutts,...

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Be The Customer, Even If Just For An Hour….

  Do your business policies really make sense? Are they customer-friendly? Have they been reviewed in the last year, 2 years, 6 years, 10 or even 20?? Do you make customers do things that are unnatural, stilted, uncomfortable,  or difficult— just because ‘that’s...

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Online Marketing At NO Cost

What if you have NO budget (I don't believe it) or as many marketing managers have complained, what if you cannot get your owner/boss/company to support online marketing? Can you still create a significant online presence without any investment or permission? YES....

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