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We welcome new clients!
Internet-an-ocean-of-possibilitiesIn order to serve you better and to make our interactions as productive as possible, we invite you to complete our New Client Questionnaire.

Just completing the brief series of questions below can begin to bring purpose and clarity to your marketing….

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The next two questions are about what you do and where you offer the services.

2. What are the 3 main phrases that someone would use to look you up in the Yellow Pages or a Google search? In other words, 'what your company does'. (Hint: Your business name is NOT what they’re typing)

Ex: Restaurant Equipment Supply or Computer IT Services.

Top 3 (or more) specific geographical areas to target:

Ex: Baltimore County or New York City.

3. If you have a physical location(s) to which customers can come, you may list the address(es) here:

4. If you have an email list of clients and/or prospects, how many are on the list?

5. If you have an electronic list of physical mailing addresses, how many are on the list?

6. Are you found on the first page for organic searches for what you do and where you do it?

7. If you could wave a magic wand and change 3 things in your business or life right now, what would they be? (Yes, this is hugely open ended for a reason)

8. What methods are you currently using online to advertise and market your site?

9. What percentage of your new business comes from online?

10. Where is your site hosted (by what company)?

11. Current spending on hosting?

12. Who built/controls your site?

13. How easy are they to reach and work with?

14. Do you have admin access to your site?
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15. In what program/platform was your site created?

Please indicate the appropriate answer:

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* Please list the URL locations (if known) of the above online pages here:

31. Do you produce business press releases for your company?

32. Do you have any negative online press to overcome?

33. What is the approximate average annual profit from a new client?

34. What are the limits of your budget to make effective online marketing happen?

35. How did you hear about us?

36. Any additional comments or instructions?


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