360 Degree Video is Here — Are You Marketing with Video?

In case you haven’t heard, new cameras exist and more are coming that allow you to take 360 degree video!


As a business owner, you can soon use this to your advantage in forward-thinking sites like YouTube and Facebook, who are committed to this new technology.  

Facebook will begin to introduce more of the immersive video format into the News Feed. So far only a handful of major brands (including AT&T, Samsung and Walt Disney World) are utilizing this virtual-reality-like format, but more will follow.

How much more will YOUR business videos stand out if you can show a 360 degree view of your footage, fully controllable by the viewer?

It takes online video to a whole new level, because you are giving the viewer complete control as to where they look in any scene.

By inviting your viewers into the room with you (literally) you are also inviting trust, and we know that people do business with people they know, like and trust

For those of you not using video in your marketing, when would NOW be a good time to start?  🙂 

Traditional video technology is so affordable and so effective in marketing. You can have a business video ‘commercial’ created with the digital assets (pictures, etc.) that you already have, and you never have to write a script, appear on camera, or even interrupt your business day.

Videos can have such a big SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) effect that not only can they help your website appear in organice keyword searches for your type of business in your area, but they can even appear THEMSELVES as a search result on Google’s page one:





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