Requiem for a Review

It could happen to You!

You’ve poured your heart and soul into building it for years, but at any moment, it could be gone. Your reputation. Online. It’s dead.

Could this happen? Yes.

Does this happen? Oh yes.

Entrepreneurs Complain That Years of Good Reviews Are Being Sent to the Trash

Online reviews of your business can ‘make or break’ the effectiveness of your online presence, no matter how well you ‘market’ online.

The trouble is that the ‘Review Playing Field’ has not been a level one. The rules change (almost daily) and the disparities that exist are hurting small businesses across the country.

If you’ve ever seen your good reviews disappear (and if you haven’t you probably just weren’t paying attention) then you know the frustration that I speak of.

If you aren’t watching, managing and marketing with reviews, then you might want to read this about the importance of reviews.  [Who reads online reviews before making buying decisions? Most people.  Even Google scours online reviews. And they affects your search engine rankings!]

How could this happen? How will you recover?

First, get proactive. Find and capture all your reviews (even the not so good ones). They are YOUR reviews. Reviews of YOUR business. If someone has posted them publicly, then they are saying to the world, this is my statement about this business. And it is public domain property.

If your business is meeting and exceeding expectations, the world should know about it. (If it isn’t, YOU should know about it, and make some changes!).

Ask us how to manage and market with reviews. We’ll reveal a powerful strategy to keep bad reviews from public spaces. An most importantly, we’ll show you how to create a culture that fosters reviews and successfully markets with them.

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